Facilities management


作者:by Trevor Payne


出版社:Chartridge Books Oxford

出版地:Oxford, England



This book is aimed at all those individuals with facilities management (FM) responsibilities who are trying to get to grips with the wide and demanding range of practical issues which they currently face. Contents include: the FM scene - an introduction (the range and complexity of the facilities portfolio and the core/non-core viewpoints are discussed); facilities strategy (the importance and benefit of facilities strategy; the facilities manager as a 'change driver'; organisational synergy; outsourcing); customer focus (who are the customers; specification - input vs. output; the changing workplace; virtual organisations; CAFM and helpdesks); facilities performance (service level agreements; monitoring; benchmarking; space management/cost of space; best value approach; quality and standards); risk management (statutory compliance; training and development; succession planning; core competencies); future directions and challenges.

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  • Contents(p.nav4)
  • Foreword(p.nav5)
  • Preface(p.nav6)
  • Author(p.nav7)
  • Introduction(p.nav8)
  • Facilities strategy(p.nav9)
  • Core vs. non-core activity(p.nav9)
  • Service delivery(p.nav9)
  • Developing an FM strategy(p.nav9)
  • The facilities manager as the change driver(p.nav9)
  • Organisational synergy(p.nav9)
  • Re-engineering(p.nav9)
  • Strategic outsourcing(p.nav9)
  • The European procurement process for goods and services (public bodies)(p.nav9)
  • Partnering(p.nav9)
  • The Private Finance Initiative (PFI)(p.nav9)
  • Customer focus(p.nav20)
  • Specification(p.nav20)
  • Input vs. output specifications(p.nav20)
  • Service level agreements(p.nav20)
  • Service charters(p.nav20)
  • Who are the ‘customers’ of FM services?(p.nav20)
  • The intangible nature of services(p.nav20)
  • Service recovery strategy(p.nav20)
  • Facilities performance and service quality(p.nav28)
  • Monitoring(p.nav28)
  • Benchmarking(p.nav28)
  • Space management(p.nav28)
  • Space audit(p.nav28)
  • Service quality and performance(p.nav28)
  • Servicescape and the total service experience(p.nav28)
  • Added value(p.nav28)
  • Servqual and gap analysis(p.nav28)
  • Flexible working(p.nav37)
  • Flexible working(p.nav37)
  • The case for new ways of working(p.nav37)
  • Lifestyle choices(p.nav37)
  • Towards virtuality(p.nav37)
  • The virtual organisation(p.nav37)
  • Service delivery(p.nav43)
  • Helpdesks(p.nav43)
  • Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM)(p.nav43)
  • Maintenance(p.nav43)
  • Risk management(p.nav43)
  • Future directions and challenges(p.nav48)
  • Future workplace(p.nav48)
  • Total workplace solutions(p.nav48)
  • Globalisation(p.nav48)
  • Portfolio working(p.nav48)
  • Best value/added value(p.nav48)
  • Performance monitoring/benchmarking(p.nav48)
  • Contacts/institutions/societies(p.nav55)
  • Further reading(p.nav56)
  • Bibliography(p.nav57)
  • Index(p.nav58)